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Al-Arafah Monthly Hajj Deposit (MHD)
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Monthly Installment Based Marriage Savings Investment Scheme (MIS)
Al-Arafah Savings Bond (ASB)
Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD)
Pension Deposit Scheme (PDS)
Cash Waqf Deposit Scheme (CWD)
Mudaraba Lakhpoti Deposit Scheme (LDS)
Mudaraba Millionaire Deposit Scheme (MDS)
Mudaraba (Special) Pension Deposit Scheme (MSPDS)
Mudaraba Kotipoti Deposit Scheme (MKDS)
Mudaraba Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (MDBDS)
Mudaraba Tripal Benefit Deposit Scheme (MTDBS)

25 May, 2016
executive development program on ‘integrity in banking’ held at al-arafah islami bank limited

19 May, 2016
executive committee meeting of al-arafah islami bank ltd. held

18 May, 2016
board meeting of al-arafah islami bank ltd. held

12 May, 2016
al-arafah islami bank ltd receives ‘letter of appreciation’ from bangladesh bank

09 May, 2016
reception & business development meeting

08 May, 2016
al-arafah islami bank ltd inaugurates charmonai madrasa agent outlet at barisal

05 May, 2016
executive committee meeting of al-arafah islami bank ltd. held

04 May, 2016
monthly business development conference of al-arafah islami bank limited held

03 May, 2016
al-arafah islami bank limited chairman alhajj abdus samad meets top executives

02 May, 2016
hafez alhajj mohammad enayet ullah elected as chairman and salim rahman elected as vice chairman of executive committee of al-arafah islami bank ltd.

28 Apr, 2016
alhajj mohammed abdus salam elected as vice-chairman of al-arafah islami bank ltd.

27 Apr, 2016
alhajj abdus samad elected as the chairman of al-arafah islami bank limited

27 Apr, 2016
al-arafah islami bank ltd. approves 15% dividend for 2015

26 Apr, 2016
notice of the 18th extra ordinary general meeting (egm)

21 Apr, 2016
hafez alhajj md. enayet ullah elected as president of moulovi bazar merchant association

19 Apr, 2016
career opportunity

06 Apr, 2016
al-arafah islami bank limited motijheel branch arranged ‘meet the clients’ program

04 Apr, 2016
al-arafah islami bank ltd inaugurates agent outlet at manikdi bazaar, dhaka

31 Mar, 2016
al-arafah islami bank ltd signs ‘corporate investment agreement’ with chittagong university

30 Mar, 2016
islamic corporation for the development of the private sector (icd) goes into strategic alliance with al-arafah islami bank limited (aibl), bangladesh*

24 Mar, 2016
al-arafah islami bank arranges introduction program for school banking services

22 Mar, 2016
notice of the 21st annual general meeting (agm)

22 Mar, 2016
price sensitive information

10 Dec, 2015
al-arafah islami bank limited donates blankets to prime minister’s relief fund

Terms of Agreement:
Al-Wadiah Current Account is an Al-Wadiah Agreement between Depositor & Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. as per Islamic Shariah.
The fund deposited in this account by the client will be secured by the Bank and the Bank will be bound to refund this amount fully/partially on demand of the client.
The bank can invest the deposited amount with other deposits as per Al-Wadiah principles of Islamic Shariah. The weightage of the account will be zero and the client will not bear any profit or loss.
Features of the Account:
Any adult having sound mind can open this account in his/her name singly or jointly with others. Any proprietorship/partnership firm, limited company (private/public), educational institution, club, association, socio-economic organization can also open this account. Father/legal guardian can also open this account in the name of any minor.
This account is to be opened on introduction of a current account holder/person acceptable to the Bank. To open Al-Wadiah current account, minimum Tk. 2000/- is to be deposited primarily, which is treated as minimum balance of the account. This minimum balance along with required excise duty must be maintained in the account; otherwise, the bank reserves the right to return client’s cheque.
Specified amount of charge will be debited with interval of six months as account maintenance fee. Besides, the Bank can realize other necessary fees.
The account holder in any time can close the operation of his account after surrendering his cheque book & submitting the application duly signed on realization of closing charge.
During banking hour multiple deposit & withdrawal by cheque is permitted. In this regard, all clauses of Negotiable Instrument Act will be applicable.
Bank statement/ balance confirmation certificate is generally issued twice (half yearly and yearly) in a year without any cost. Account statement is also provided to clients demand on realization of specified charges.
VAT & Excise Duty is applicable as per govt. rules.
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